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Notice to All Veterans:


Thanks to the Steamship Historical Association for this photo!

Attention: All WW2 Veterans who went to war from the Port of San Francisco between August 25, 1942 and April 15, 1946. Remember the “Little Ferry Boat” the USAT CATALINA FS-99 that took you from the Army base at Camp Stoneman, California down river to the troop ships waiting in San Francisco Bay? Did you know her war time record of troops carried? She carried a total of 820,199 of you brave and courageous GI’s into victory and history, that's more than any of the Troop Transports of the war.

Well, the “Old Girl” is in trouble and needs your help. She is in Ensenada, Mexico Harbor, abandoned, forgotten and sinking in the mud flats, a sorry sight to see, the once proud Queen of San Francisco Bay stranded, dying and begging for help.

It would be a shame to see an old Veteran die like this, so we, who have not forgotten her grace and beauty, have formed a group to try and save her. We have the organization in place and work has begun on salvage and returning her to her proper resting place in the US as a, US National and State of California Memorial Site, a tribute to all the GI's who rode her down the river to their destiny and history and to the others who remember and loved her during her peace time role as the GREAT WHITE STEAMER that ran between Wilmington, California and Avalon on Catalina Island for so many years. We need help, donations, technical help and/or service in the restoration

James D. Whatley
Marine Engineer, Retired
Lieutenant, USNR-Retired
705 Montridge Way
El Dorado Hills Ca 95762

If You remember the "OLD GIRL" and/or would like to help the cause, please visit the links from the homepage of this site.

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