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wpe48327.gif (122655 bytes) Picture from the David Engholm Collection of the SS Catalina in August of 1997, four months before she sank.  Floating just fine, thank you.
wpe48380.gif (158359 bytes) Next to a Grumman Goose seaplane in 1973.
--David Engholm Collection
wpe25402.gif (119513 bytes) Circa early 1970's
--David Engholm Collection
wpe41210.gif (270497 bytes) Photograph from the invitation to the July 9th, 1999 fundraiser given by SOHO in San Diego.
wpe35274.gif (191561 bytes) July, 1993 in Ensenada, Mexico.
--David Engholm Collection
wpe38761.gif (120688 bytes)  A baggage claim ticket from the San Pedro to Avalon run.
--David Engholm Collection
wpe45714.gif (99173 bytes)

wpe01231.gif (148851 bytes)

Restaurant/Bar check and menu from the Bar & Grill Restaurant Catalina (Ensenada).
--David Engholm Collection

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