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Letter from Ted Martin <>

This is the list I mentioned to you in my e-mail.  These are the State Assembly and State Senate members whose districts cover all or part of Long Beach and Wilmington.   I included both areas because Long Beach has a historical connection and, of course as you know, Wilmington has offered to give the SS Catalina a home at Banning Pier.   Also, my internet research uncovered a few extra bits of information you may need to know.  First, there is a California Assembly Select Committee on Ports, but I was unable to find any detailed information, like who is on it and what they do.   Secondly, I am trying to get in touch with representatives of the Wrigley family to see if they, William and Julie Wrigley are the present generation, might want to get involved (i.e. donate money) to help save the ship which was owned and built in San Pedro for their father (grandfather?), family and the Catalina Company, owned by the Wrigley family (as was the entire Island of Catalina).  Also, there may be a Wrigley Foundation or the Wrigley Chewing Gum Company who would like to become donors or even corporate sponsors for the SS Catalina.  The point being that I found out that there is a Wrigley Institute of Environmental Studies at USC and they have a web address and a Marine Studies Facility on Catalina Island.  I know the connection is getting thin here, but who knows, maybe they would like to participate in helping to save the SS Catalina.  The Wrigley Institute phone number is 213-740-6780.  We might get some information on how to contact the Wrigley Family, or something.  I'm just trying everything I can think of at this point.

I have put calls in to all these people but it would be great if we could organize a lot of calls to try and get State funding for the SS Catalina Project.  When I spoke to Robert Henry at the Port Authority today, he liked this idea of State funding.   You might want to include his number, but he isn't real happy about phone calls: 310-732-3570.  Also, Eric Moody of Councilman Svorinich's office could be called on at 213-485-3347, but he seems to be doing all he can to help for now.  When this goes before the L.A. City Council again, he will let us know and we can show up and present our side.