Proposal for Travel Writers' Co-Op:

If you would like to post information for travelers and have no desire to create revenue from it, you can do so here for *free*.  Scroll (or link) down to the heading "So, how do we do this?"

If you'd like to create income/revenue for yourself, read on....

Opportunity's Knocking

This is what I see.  How about you?  Would you agree that:

Okay Einstein, tell me what's going on here!

Travel sites on the Internet are often referred to as either "commercial" or "non-commercial."  Why can't you have a "commercial" web site that gets respect?  It's possible, but the respect must be earned.

"Non-commercial" web sites offer unbiased travel suggestions and are of great value to travelers.  "Commercial" sites generally offer pretty pictures, and mostly hype of one kind or another.  You know, you visit a website, it's got a couple of recommendations, but of course, somehow, if you think about it, they're probably getting a kickback, or are getting paid to post the information to begin with.  Biased information.  Straight from or for the company/operation itself.   Hyping itself.  Information, yes.  Insight, no.  If you rely on that information alone, you'll just have to risk it and find out if it's the right thing to do or not when you get there.  More information really is necessary, and unbiased would be preferable.

If they're not pushing a recommendation for a kickback, they're offering a complete list of all the hotels/motels/restaurants/etc. Okay, that's great, but I, the traveler, have never been there, don't know one place from another, and now I'm confused. Where should I stay? Somebody, help!

A guidebook! Great, let's drive to the store, and spend upwards of $15-30U.S. (or order one online and wait for it to be delivered). Isn't there a better way?

There is, it's here, and it's on the Internet. Get rid of the hype, the confusion, and the price tag to the consumer.  Lets give visitors the local information from the actual "local" people.  Especially when there's a marketer who wants to reach that person, and is possibly willing to pay for the privilege to do so.  Let's work together and make decisions that benefit the group of writers as a whole.

So, how do we do this?
(and let us know if you think we should change any provision here!)

You: will:

If you're ready to start, send in a request for the area you're considering, including which type of arrangement you'd like (free, or paying... you can change it at any time), we'll go over it, then reply back to you.  If we're in agreement, then arrangements will be made so that you can begin posting information on!

Address questions and replies to:

Currently, these areas are in the works, or posted already:
(Last updated:  July 03, 2003)

(AZ): Phoenix, Tucson
(CA): San Diego, Orange County

Baja California, Baja California Sur

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