Acceptable Use Policy for bulletin boards:

These forums are for travel-related queries, recommendations, information and articles. Travelers are welcome and encouraged to browse, read, question, post articles, updates, journals, and use the boards within these guidelines to their maximum advantage. Enthusiasm, realism, reason, and courtesy are appreciated.

The sole purpose for these bulletin boards is to be a venue for lively interaction of travel related information and cross-cultural communications amongst travelers everywhere. This is a usage guidelines document. Please read before posting to one of the boards here.

These bulletin boards are for travelers and explorers. The main topic and dominant subject feature for each board is travel to the locale featured on the 'welcome' page of that board. Discussions may include other interests (culture, archaeology, architecture, photography, history, geology, politics, diving, mountain climbing, arts, music, cuisine, ecology, etc.) as subordinate sub topics. Posts with primary emphasis on advertising products or services are not permitted.

This exchange is a bulletin board for shared information and is not intended for communication from one person to another. That doesn't mean that the posters or senders name should not be used, what it does mean that if one person wants to communicate with another person, email should be used.

Always read the locale's FAQ before posting any questions to a board. Quite often, your question has been asked before (possibly many times), and asking it again won't generate any new information.

Last update: August 01, 2000