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Date:    98-01-30, From:, Subj:  Surfing Baja Sur

I just got back from perfect Cerritos!  It was double overhead WAY the hell outside the point
a gnarly rip so I could only surf the semi inside which was overhead to double overhead dude, there was even a left breaking just 50 yards away from the main point the current was so strong I had to get out of the water and walk back after each endless right the left was soooo perfect, the only was not to be worried about the current which was haulin ass like 10 mph toward the beach and down to the beachbreak.


Date:  98-01-20, From: (SCOTT CARL), Subj:  More Work!

I very much appreciate your web page and am generally impressed with the information you have accumulated.

One request/suggestion: add "Mexicali" to your list of "Destinations (and in the vicinity of)" section for those of us who visit/hunt in the valley and perhaps travel on to San Felipe, Puertocitos, etc.

Many thanks and don't bother to write back, use the time to augment the web page!


Date:  98-01-14, From: (John Chamberlain), Subj:  Camping in Baja Sur

Your comments ring true regarding San Pedrito and other local beaches. I enjoyed only four days in the area and stayed one night in the Las Casitas B&B (Todos Santos) as a tent camper. Wendy offers maybe 3 or 4 spaces to campers if they ask; but, the 5 colorful rooms ($35-$45 US) are pleasant for the less frugal. Camping at San Pedrito was the best spot and a particular delight on New Year's Eve and day. For my priorities, bodysurfing, it was near perfect. A good, steady medium-sized break came in from the northwest with clear, warm water (by Santa Cruz standards). Board surfers were cool with my ability to catch surf breaking inside of their position; they seemed to be having a harder time actually catching waves farther out. I enjoyed long sessions of great, hold-up lefts across the rocky frontage (I think the board surfers were spooked by the thought of falling onto the rocky bottom). Anyway, a la Steinbeck, I know I must go back (since I DID live), and for perhaps even more reasons than I know!


Date:  97-12-25, From:, Subj:  applause, no questions

this site kicks ass. that's all i have to say.


p.s. it's my opinion that ALL travel guides should be made this way. right ON, man.


Date:  97-10-12, From:  --address witheld-- (Joe Cummings), Subj:  your home page

Is the Baja Nomad site still happening? I noticed it hadn't been updated in awhile and was just wondering, since I'm in the midst of udpating Baja Handbook and Cabo Handbook and am writing up a list of recommended Baja websites. Yours is at the top of my list for the unbiased nature of the info, but I don't want to add it if you're packing it up!

Thanks for your comments on Baja Handbook, incidentally. The next edition should have a lot more off-highway stuff. On my last four-month trip in Baja I drove practically the entire peninula off-highway, putting on a total of 10,000 miles.

Take care, Joe

The site hasn't been updated very well since it was originally started in March of '96, but as you might notice, things are changing.  This site will continue to improve, and dramatically in 1998!  Stay tuned!!!  (...WOW, I heard from Joe Cummings!!) -- Ed.


Date:  97-07-22, From: (Alberto rodriguez), Subj:  Rosarito

Hotel California has gone to the dogs. Getting real bad. It's a shame though, could've been a nice place. The owner's dad died a few months ago; maybe he just doesn't have it in him anymore.  Los Pelicanos was good, but alot of mosquitos, and no screens. And they seem to have an ant problem. Oh well, ARRRRIBBAAA. It's Mexico!!  By the way, I love your quote from Steinbeck, keep �m coming!!


Date:  97-06-29, From:, Subj:  la fonda hotel

I love your set-up and have used it before. I must, however, take exception to the your description of the LaFonda Hotel. Like the Los Angeles times review about a year ago, you leave out some important details for the unsuspecting traveler -- the ungodly sewage problem and the owners' complete apathy about it. It used to be a favorite destination, but after having to leave a room because of the smell and the owners' refusal for reiumbursement, I have given up on ever staying there again. I still recommend it as a place to eat and "people watch" but not to stay.


Date:  97-06-04, From: (mike dunn), Subj:  cabo-mem day

We had a great trip again this year.  GM's (Giggling Marlin) music was unpredictable from the ridiculous to the sublime.  The show is starting to get old, though it's still fun to watch first timers.  The understudy is now running the show and just doesn't have the charisma of the old guy. We thought Cabo Wabo was pretty good this year, we liked the music, the air-conditioning and large dance floor. It had a good crowd the 3 nights we dropped in.  Squid Roe-very crowded with some tore up folks, mostly good music. We had good meals at the Corral, Shrimp Factory, Shrimp House, Poncho's (probably our favorite for traditional Mexican food) and Trailer Park2. We got ripped off there however-I think they remembered us from years past and decided to make sure we never came back-they won-700 bucks for 9 people!  I love Cabo and hope to continue to return,but it's sad to see it change each year.  The cabs and bars seem a little less friendly and eager to take advantage of the money exchange (especially when they find a poor guy whose had a few too many-which is just about every tourist past 9pm).  BTW the fishing was superb-we caught marlin (including a nice double) sailfish, dorado and yellowfin tuna.  All in all I'd give my left arm to be there right now.


Date: 97-03-17, From: (Joss Bown), Subj: Honeymoon

We had a wonderful honeymoon at the Hotel Las Rocas. Thankyou for all your help. We spent a couple of evenings at the Hotel La Fonda which were memorable and also visited Puerto Nuevo, Ensenada, la Bufadora and of course Rosarito.

...Also, we found a fantastic little bar in Rosarito which has the best Spanish guitar player I've ever heard. I can't remember the name of it but it is 100 yards from the Los Pelicanos retaurant on the right as you drive down from the main St. towards the restaurant. Well worth a visit.

There is a ramshakle little bar which we stumbled accross called Rick's. It's about 3 miles south of Rosarito just past the new Fox studios on the right. The owner is a funny little guy called, obviously, "Rick". Pop in and mention the couple from London....


Date: 97-03-09, From: (Rob Bowe)

San Jose (del Cabo). One open air restaurarant that i recommend is the La Fogata, food is great, moderate and while it doesn't look like much, it is very good. Many would hesitate to eat, but a client took me their and the margarita's get larger and larger and the price is the same!


Date: 97-02-15, From:

Just went to your website, and found it very informative. Wanted to write you about 2 trips we took to Baja.

We found the Fiesta Inn in San Jose Del Cabo to be delightful. Cheap and clean, with a festive decor. Every room faces the ocean with a very pretty pool area right on the beach. Employees were very friendly. Their breakfast buffet was good along with their poolside grill for lunchtime. The Fiesta Inn is secluded, yet only 5-10 minutes away from lovely snorkeling beaches such as Chileno and Santa Maria. We stayed at the Posada Real the first time, and found that to be dingy and dark. The hallways were extremely dark, the rooms hardly had windows, and the decor was hideous. Their restaurant was awful and pretty expensive. The pool area doesn't have the charm of the Fiesta Inn, though the rooms are more expensive.

One other note, we rented a car and drove to Cabo Pulmo, and found that to be an adventure. It was about a 2 hour drive from San Jose Del Cabo, basically a dirt road complete with very emaciated cows along the road side. But Cabo Pulmo is beautiful, with very good snorkeling and wonderful beachcombing opportunities. Bring your own food, or go with a dive/tour package, there are not a lot of conveniences at Cabo Pulmo. We went alone and found a man with a small boat to take us out to the good snorkeling areas.($20 for the two of us for 1 hour) We saw schools of angel fish, trigger fish, and sheephead. It was the best snorkeling we found in the Cabo San Lucas area. Visibility was 60-80ft.


Date: 97-03-02, From: (Rick Olson)

Returned last week from our first trip to Cabo. What a beautiful place. We stayed at the Hacienda and it was everything we could have hoped for. The grounds were immaculate, the views breath-taking, and the staff wonderful.

We did see the whales! The first day we hired a panga to take us out about 15 miles (there was no wind and the water was like glass). The panga cost us $30 an hour with a four hour minimum. We saw about 5-6 whales. One passed by about 20 yards from us....Spectacular. Also saw a Manta ray leaping out of the water and doing back flips. True. We sure are glad we went out that first day as the wind came up and didn't let down the last two days we were there.

Prices were not cheap. Cuban cigars usually averaged about $15-$25. Rent cars (Jeeps) were $90 a day. The very nice Italian resturant in Todos Santos had great food but was very pricey. One coke - $8.00!!!! Scotch and soda - $10. We had lunch there and it was $100 for four of us. Prices in Cabo weren't much better. But the food was outstanding.

We were hardly there when suddenly it was time to leave. It's probably a good thing as I couldn't keep up my margarita intake much longer.

Thanks for providing alot of great information about the Baja on the web...


Date: 97-02-27, From: (Lynda Sterns)



Date: 96-12-19, From: (A. Sandoval)

Nice work! A windsurfing friend reccomended your website.

I... reccomend a campground south of San Felipe that is good for all types of activities. It is Nuevo Mazatlan. 25 miles south of town. I have been there many times. In a small arroyo, on the beach, many mature trees, running water, showers and restrooms. Virtually empty most of the year, Thanksgiving is crowded. The fee is $7 per night.

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