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Besides just about any Spanish/English dictionary, I recommend the following:

"Baja Handbook" by Joe Cummings, Moon Publications, 1994. Joe Cummings is a travel guide deity, and Baja travelers are lucky that he has become as fond of the peninsula as we are. This is the best of the travel guides to Baja California (for specific-place recommendations). To the places he's been, he's dead on with his suggestions. Unfortunately, some of the best places of Baja are its backroads, and there are just a few that Joe must not have discovered yet.

"Cabo Handbook" by Joe Cummings, Moon Publications, 1995. Because of the constant development in the Cape area of the peninsula, there's been enough change to warrant another issue from Moon with an update of the Cape region from La Paz, south. If your trip only involves exploring this area, then this is the book to find.

"Baja California" by Wayne Bernhardson, Lonely Planet Publications, 1994. I find this to be a wonderful companion to Cummings' book. A little more conscious towards the budget traveler than the books from Moon. I cross-reference this information with Cummings'.

"The Magnificent Peninsula" (fifth edition) by Jack Williams, H.J. Williams Publications, 1996. A broad-based book with information on most of the activities possible along the peninsula: camping, RV'ing, surfing, fishing, off-road side-trips (and some on-road ones too), etc. Excellent introductory information on geology & vegetation, and a section with good information for first-time visitors.

"The Baja Book IV" by Ginger Potter, Baja Source, Inc., 1996. Ginger has taken over the "Baja Book" series started by Tom Miller in the 70's (as Tom passed away a few years ago). This is the most comprehensive road-log book out there on Baja. AAA's book doesn't come close. Miller started the use of NASA Spacemaps to complement the road-log, and Potter continues the program. The "Baja Book" contains excellent summary information on: Missions, fishing, RV Parks, plants, city maps, and whale-watching. Ginger's also added some new logs for off-road adventures.

"The Baja Adventure Book" by Walt Peterson, Wilderness Press, 1992. A must for the adventurers among us. Peterson covers all the fun activities like: fishing, hiking, climbing, diving, off-roading, kayaking, etc. This book also has a road log for the highway, as well as side-trip logs.

Book Sources:

John Cole's Book Shop.  Large selection of books relating to Baja, including many out-of-print titles.  780 Prospect Street, La Jolla, CA (P.O. Box 1132, zip92038). 619-454-0814

El Tecolote Libros. This store in Todos Santos usually has an array of books that are pertinent to the peninsula, and the immediate vicinity as well. Located just up the street from the Hotel California. 114.50372

The Baja Source (Ginger Potter). Ginger is a "source" for many of the specialty Baja books. Contact her ahead of time, as this is not a retail store, it's her residence: 1945 Dehesa Road, El Cajon, CA 619-442-7061

Dawson's Book Store specializes in older (many out-of-print), specialty books on Baja. Prices here aren't cheap. Their own self-published 50 book "Baja Travel Series" is worth about $2000. Some of the volumes are available individually (minimum $30). 535 Larchmont Street, Los Angeles, CA 90004 213-469-2186

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