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http://www.azcentral.com -- This web site is put up by the people who publish The Arizona Republic, which is Metro Phoenix's morning newspaper. It contains weather info, local news, classified ads, pictures of the freeways updated every 8 minutes, even a way to use your computer to scan Phoenix Fire and Police frequencies. Actually, I like it better than the newspaper itself!

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http://www.arizonaguide.com -- This web site has the same webmaster as the previous one, but is much more generalized. It gives some basics about some of the cities here, and although it is not very in depth, it is worth looking at if you don't know much about Arizona.

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http://www.azstarnet.com/~rgrogan/baja-a.htm -- This site stands on its own. It speaks of a movement to split Arizona into two states, and is great fun if you have a little time and a sense of humor.

http://www.bandersnatch.com/bajaz.htm -- This site is a humorous look at attitudes in the state, and the call for splitting the state.


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http://www.azopera.com -- This site may not be of interest to everyone, but I thought I would include it for the business traveler who needs a little culture for a client, or for someone who just likes the opera. This site is actually pretty cool, you can even play back some of the music if you want, shop at the opera store, buy tickets, or learn about the upcoming performances and their performers.


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www.ci.apache-jct.az.us About the best municipal site I have ever seen. It centers on Apache Junction, and goes into the lore and legends of the wild west, in addition to telling you all you need to know about places to go in A.J. Because this site is incapable of reviewing absolutely everything, this link is highly recommended for people who want to know more.


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www.state.az.us/commerce (also works as www.commerce.state.az.us) This is the web site for the Arizona Department of Commerce. There is a lot of info here on different towns in Arizona (including the ones not covered here) and it also gives information about the different counties, and the different Indian communities. Good information, well presented. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to see it.


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www.nps.gov/tont   A plain vanilla web site about the Tonto National Monument. It is not real exciting, but it is full of good information. A definite must see if you are interested in seeing the park (See Globe/Miami).


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www.kaibab.org/grand.htm   Darn near the most comprehensive site available on the Grand Canyon.  It has me stumped as to how to include information that is not here already.  I contemplated just linking the Grand Canyon page on this site to these guys so that you would think I was a genius.  Well, O.K. maybe not that good, but certainly worth seeing.


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www.veg.org  World Vegetarian Guide.  Click on the logo to go straight to Arizona.  A listing of restaurants friendly to vegetarians and vegans.  Unfortunately the last update was 2-1/2 years ago, but as far as I can tell, it is still pretty accurate.


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www.qpon.net CHECK THIS OUT BEFORE YOU LINK AWAY FROM US!! Chances are pretty good that you will find a way to save some money on something you want in one of our areas. Currently under construction, but worth knowing about...


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www.escapist.com  And of course, our home page.  Information offered in the spirit of a friend telling a friend what is cool in town.  Normally when you link on this symbol it takes you back to the beginning of the Arizona section.  Click on it here and see what else is available.


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www.thecorporation.com  This site has absolutely nothing to do with traveling to Arizona, nor travel at all for that matter.  I include it for two reasons, first, it is the source of some of the GIF files on this site, and secondly, I really appreciate their brand of humor, and would like to share.  In my opinion  this site is a really good time.

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