Tortilla Flat, Arizona

"Where the hell is Tortilla Flat?" used to be on bumper stickers all over the place here, but I don't see that as much anymore. The question should really be more, "What the hell is Tortilla Flat?" The place used to be a Stagecoach Stop, and is now sort of an attraction of its own. The population of Tortilla Flat in 1998 is 6 (yes, six). Pretty much what they do is keep the Superstition Saloon going, which has been open for over 100 years. Of less importance to me (but not necessarily to them) is the fact that they also keep a Post Office going and an ice cream and candy shop. Have you ever heard of Prickly Pears? They make ice cream out of it here.

Tortilla Flat is to be found about 20 miles North East of Apache Junction, up SR 88.

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