Sierra Vista, Arizona

This is one of the major towns in south eastern Arizona. Located about 70 miles southeast of Tucson, and with a population of about 39,500 in 1997, Sierra Vista is really the support town for Fort Huachuca. The fort is considered to be within the town borders, although the fort predates the town. This pleasant little town does not have a lot to draw visitors, however if you find yourself there on business, there is plenty to keep yourself occupied for a while. Actually, my father, who has lived there off and on since the 1970's has been wanting me to relocate there, and the town really has a military subculture. Many former military personnel have retired there, or just picked it as the place to live after getting out of the military. Really, it is quite nice, surrounded by the Huachuca, Dragoon, Mule, and Whetstone Mountains, and not far at all from Mexico. Sierra Vista seems pretty laid back to me. The economy is mostly driven by the military installation, see Fort Huachuca.

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