Paradise Valley, Arizona

This place is kind of an enigma. Tons of people claim to live in Paradise Valley who live in another part of town, and even the government recognizes parts of Phoenix and Scottsdale as part of Paradise Valley. Only about 13,000 people lived in Paradise Valley (PV) in 1997. Let me explain...

Back in the 1880's, the Rio Verde Canal Company wanted to turn some open grazing land into irrigated farmland outside of Scottsdale. They named the area Paradise Valley based on the abundance of wildflowers that bloomed there in the spring. As Metro Phoenix grew, and different areas incorporated, the farming scheme was abandoned, but housing was attracted because of the beauty of the area. The town of Paradise Valley was incorporated in 1961, but the town did not (and does not) have much of an economic base. Zoning restrictions limited the town to single family homes on a minimum of one acre lots or posh resorts. Because of this, government supplied services were few and far between, for example I can remember when the area was patrolled by Scottsdale Police. Paradise Valley became the elite part of the valley. The wealthy and the famous moved here to live in peace. Barry Goldwater made this his home, and other residents include Bil Keane (Family Circus), the late Erma Bombeck, Alice Cooper, Stevie Nicks, and others that I can't think of right now. Tourists and newbies to the Valley think of Scottsdale as the place to be, but long time residents know that PV has an even better quality of life. Problem is that PV is not very strongly defined. So a lot of people who live outside of the town, but in the physical valley originally called Paradise Valley like to say they live in PV. A lot of them have Scottsdale addresses, even more have Phoenix addresses, but boy are they adamant about where they live. To complicate matters, the Department of Commerce, and several other government offices call a large area Paradise Valley, even when parts of it is within the borders of a different town...

For the purposes of this web site, people who have City of Phoenix garbage pickup, have a City of Phoenix address, answer to Phoenix police, and pay property taxes to the City of Phoenix, live in Phoenix. Same goes for Scottsdale, and for Paradise Valley. That means that Paradise Valley Mall is not in Paradise Valley, it is in Phoenix. The same goes for Paradise Valley Community College. Really, we are dealing with a relatively small area.

Things to Do:

Hiking up Squaw Peak: It is rather a long hike, but it will give you one of the best views you can get of Metro Phoenix.

Cosanti: An Italian Architect by the name of Paolo Soleri has been working in Arizona since 1956. Some of his ideas look like they were lifted from Rotterdam, and blended with Indian ideas.


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