Huachuca City, Arizona

This little city can be found on Highway 90, 64 miles southeast of Tucson. Its origins lie in the fact that it was a stop on the former Southern Pacific Railroad between Tombstone and Patagonia. The town is 20 miles north of the Mexican Border. Unincorporated land surrounds it on three sides, but on side now bumps up against Sierra Vista, although that side is as yet still undeveloped. I can still remember the days where you had to drive across empty desert to get to Sierra Vista, where my father lives. These rugged mountains and empty valleys used to be the terrain of the famous Apache Cochise. Less than an hours drive from the city can be found Cochise's Stronghold, where the great man is buried. 1997 population shows as just a hair over 2000, but residential growth is budding.

Realistically, the town offers a rest stop on your way to Sierra Vista, although there is a junkyard there with some pretty old are possibly rare cars. I have never really spent any time there, but I have driven through it numerous times. A word of warning: they enforce the speed limits pretty strictly in town, which takes about 3 minutes to get through.

I would be happy to get input from anyone who lives in the little town!

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