Higley, Arizona

Higley is another one of those areas that has a name but no government. In essence, Higley is the name for an unincorporated part of Maricopa County, South of Mesa, and West of Mesa, East of Gilbert, and North of Chandler Heights. The area is mostly farms and horse properties. Higley is one up on Chandler Heights since the name is officially recognized by the Postal Service which has a Higley Post Office off of Ray Road and Higley Road. The teeming metropolis consists of the intersection of Higley and Williams Field Road, where you can find a grocery store, a convenience store, an irrigation office, and a few other businesses.

Power Road, a few miles east of the intersection I just referred to is a major north/south road through the East Valley.  It was named for James Oliver Power, who originally settled in Higley to farm.  This little bit of info was given to me by Millie Bentley, one of Mr. Power's great-grandchildren after looking at this web site.   Thanks Millie!

Things to Do:

Check out the antique shops just west of the intersection. If you like antiques, these little private antique shops are always fun. There is also a small private Indian art outlet, which is worth going into. The furniture stores on the intersection have killer deals, but this is more for the locals, I don't suggest to a traveler to buy a living room set or anything. Still, if you live in the East Valley, there are some really good deals to be found. I intend to buy some furniture here really soon, as a matter of fact.

Places to Eat:

Well the pickings are slim. The choices are limited to the convenience store or a Vienna Beef Hot Dog Stand west of the antique shops. Nobody goes to Higley on a date...   There is a new Mexican Food stand there, but I have not been in to eat yet.   Stay tuned!

Places to Stay:

Oh, give me a break... Did you read the above?  Try Mesa!

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