Globe & Miami, Arizona

I put the two of these together because they share a lot.  Physically, these two towns are only 4 miles apart, so to go to one means being able to go to the other.   Globe was founded as a silver mining town in 1876, and incorporated twice before it's current incorporation in 1907. It is now the county seat.  Miami was founded by Black Jack Newman as a camp near his copper mine, and was originally called Mima after his fianc�.  The name got distorted and the town was incorporated in 1918 as Miami. 1 out of 5 jobs in the area is related to mining and production of copper. Globe's 1997 population is just shy of 8000, and Miami numbers are at about 2250 for the same year.

About 1100 A.D. the Salado Indians started to live in the area, and about 200 years later they carved homes out of the cliffs that can still be visited today (Tonto National Monument). Around 1450 A.D. they disappeared, as they did throughout much of Arizona, but were soon replaced here by the Apaches. They still live nearby on the San Carlos Apache reservation (once home for Geronimo), and offer legal gambling at the Apache Gold Casino.

In the years between 1870 and 1920, gold, copper, and silver drew a lot of fortune seekers to the area. Although gold and silver did not last, copper is still being mined today. A lot of the old buildings are still standing, for example the old first aid station for the Old Dominion Mine is now the Gila County Historical Museum, and the Cobre Valley Center for the Arts started life as the Gila County Courthouse.


Things to Do:

Apache Days Festival: Held annually, the festival explores many aspects of the Apache culture.

Highway Mine Tour: Covers both Golden Age and Modern Mining technologies.

Besh-Ba-Gowah Ruins: These are really cool. Some of the 700 year old dwellings have been restored, and you are allowed to go inside. Displays teach as much as they can about the Salado culture. It is believed the the Hohokam lived here first, circa A.D. 900, but even less is known about them than of the Salado. In December, the place offers a festival of lights. One mile south of Globe off Six Shooter Canyon Road. Call the City of Globe at 800-804-5623 or (520) 425 0320 for more information.

Tonto National Monument: These are the cliff dwellings I referred to earlier. You need to be prepared to hike for about 1/2 an hour to get there, and you must be accompanied by park staff to visit the Upper Ruin. Check at the visitor center for tour info. The Lower Ruin is fair game, and they even allow pets on a leash. The best time of year to go is in March and April, when it is not too hot, and the wildflowers are making a spectacle of themselves. Call the National Park Service at (520) 467-2241 for info, or check out

Hunting/Fishing: I am not a hunter, so I can't say much about it, but I can tell you that there is a really surprising amount of game here, including deer, elk, wild turkey, javelina (wild pig), quail, dove, water fowl, rabbit, bear, and mountain lion. You can fish for bass, rainbow trout, German trout, lunker channel cat, and scrappy pan fish. Don't be skeptical!

Salt River Canyon: It is like they took a little piece of the grand canyon, and dropped it outside of Globe.  Not very well marked, take the US 60 through Globe, turn north on 77.  You will enter the Apache Reservation, and look for signs after you see the sign for Seneca Lake.  You can drive to the bottom, no mules required!

Places to Stay:

Belle Aire Motel: This is the value leader in Globe, with rates from $25-45. Call (520)425-4406. They are members of the chamber of commerce.

Apache Gold Casino: Actually managed by Best Western, it gives about what you expect from a Best Western, with gambling! I am told that the food is even pretty good. Rates are $55-65. Call 800-272-2433.

Days Inn: Again, nothing too special. Rates are from $49 to $59. Call 800-DAYSINN.

Cedar Hill: a Bed and Breakfast in Globe for about $50. Call (520)425-7530.

Copper Village: a Bed and Breakfast in Miami. Rates are $37 to $55. Call (520)473-4114.

Noftsger Hill Inn: Bed and Breakfast in Globe. $45-65. (520)425-2260.

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