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Arizona's fourth largest city, I know it for its schools. I went to get my masters there for two years, and so I was deep in that world which may have tainted my outlook on the town. It was established in 1892 for the Church of the Brethren of Illinois, and was incorporated in 1910.

Actually, it is a clean, modern place, and Honeywell is one of the largest high technology firms around, firmly entrenched in Glendale. Luke Air Force Base was annexed in August 1995, so that firms up the economy. Luke is the largest fighter aircraft training base in the world. With a population of almost 192,000 in 1997, the town is to be considered one of the major parts of Metro Phoenix.

I went to the American Graduate School of International Management, which is also known as Thunderbird. The school is held in high esteem outside of Arizona (it offers a degree recognized outside of the U.S.) but in Glendale people seem dimly aware of it. In fact, a Glendale cop who stopped me for speeding once asked me where I was going, and I told him "Thunderbird." He got this "I-got-you-now" look on his face and informed me that Thunderbird High School was closed that day, and then asked me for the truth! Western States University has a campus there, ASU West is there, Glendale Community College is seen as a good school, and I think there is more that I can't think of right now.

Downtown Glendale is pretty cool. You can take a free ride on the town trolley, and there are more than 70 little stores all grouped together in what has been called "Arizona's Antique Capital." There are tea rooms, coffee houses, restaurants, antiques shops, and all kinds of other shops, all right there. You can spend a pleasant day just hanging out downtown.


Things to Do:

Cerreta Candy Factory: Take a free self guided tour through one of the more successful regional candy factories around.  The famous "I Love Lucy" episode in which Lucy gets a job at a candy factory was filmed here.  Go during the week, though, because on Saturdays they are not making any candy, and they are closed Sundays.

Gas Light Antique Walk: On the 3rd Thursday of each month, downtown merchants stay open late for a special evening from 6 to 9 p.m. You get a little different feel for the town than you would during the day.

Sahuaro Ranch Park: Here be peacocks, citrus groves, the All American Rose Garden, and lots of turn of the century buildings. Delightful, and relaxing.

Glendale Glitters: A holiday lights show being held from November 26, 1999 through January 15, 2000, downtown. Just cruise the antique district after dark on the corners of 59th Avenue and Glendale Road.

Glendale Glitter and Glow: A show to be held on January 15, 2000 in Downtown Glendale. Local businesses will participate in the Glendale Glitters walk, and this will be its grand finale.

Chocolate Affair: February 5 through February 7, 2000.

Luke Day 1999 Air Show: November 13, 1999 at Luke Air Force Base

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