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South of Mesa, west of Chandler, north of Chandler Heights, and east of Queen Creek, Gilbert was first homesteaded by Mr. William Gilbert in 1891. The Town was incorporated in 1920. 1997 population was about 82,000, up from 5700 in 1980. Gilbert is really growing quickly, at a rate of 410 percent for the 1980's. As a matter of fact, Gilbert has grown so fast, that it has major infrastructure problems. They have been pumping raw sewage to Mesa for treatment, and the school system, once considered flat the best in the state, is extremely taxed now. But the growth goes on... Still somewhat driven by agriculture, they estimate that 860,000 square feet of industrial space will be build in the 15 months from the beginning of 1997.

Things to Do:

Gilbert Days Rodeo: An IPRA sanctioned rodeo held every year at the end of November.

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