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Chandler Heights, Arizona

This doesn't really exist. The area referred to as Chandler Heights is east of the City of Chandler, and west of the town of Queen Creek. Really, it is just an unincorporated part of Maricopa County, and this is what the locals call the area.   Mostly horse properties and farms, with some new homes going in.

According to Mr. Shawn Hawkins, who contacted me with this information, the area as it is known today was established by Dr. A.J. Chandler (see the town of Chandler for more info on him) to be a citrus farming community. He had some help from the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright who designed and helped build several of the farming tents.

Places to Eat:

The Rusty Tank:  Opened with a splash in December of '98 with inserts in the Chandler Heights Monthly, the only local newspaper.  Tammy Smith from Chandler Heights went there and said, "Very clean, great food, and nice people."   Can't ask for much more than that!  I will personally try to get down there soon.

Places to Go:


Places to Stay:

I hope you have a friend there, otherwise you are not staying in Chandler Heights...

Kind of like Higley, with less to do!!

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