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Most of these books are available from amazon.com.    If you click on the book cover, or on the blue line, you will be linked to them where you can purchase the book with a credit card.  Prices, of course, are set by them, and subject to change, but I make every effort to keep up with the prices.   Buying your books here does help support this web site, and I really appreciate your purchases here, but I am not just listing a bunch of garbage about Arizona to make money.  Everything on this page is either really useful, or a lot of fun.


Phoenix Metropolitan Area Street Guide and Directory  Metro Phoenix is growing really quickly, and it is sometimes hard to navigate using an older map.  Take it from me, I live here and run a service company, and it is really difficult to keep up with the changes.  If you are coming to town, you need a good map.  This map is available for under $12.00, and is current. Click Here to Order This Map Now!


History, Legends, and Tales The Old West Highway One of the best things about this book is that it is FREE! Take it with you to cruise US 60 and US 70 between Apache Junction, Arizona and Lordsburg, New Mexico. This drive will take you through the haunts of people like Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, the Apache Kid, and Pearl Heart (the west's only known female stage coach robber). You can visit ancient Apache ruins, functioning copper mines, and have a drink at the bar where Billy the Kid killed his first victim. Even if you are not taking the drive, it is fast and pretty interesting, although poorly edited, reading. To get your FREE copy, contact The Old West Highway Association, c/o The Greater Globe Miami Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 2539, 1360 N. Broad, Globe, Arizona 85502 or call 1-800-804-5623.


1573800511_m.gif (13530 bytes)  Insiders Guide to Tucson   One of the best books available on the City of Tucson.  Restaurants, places to stay, things to see, etc.  They have gone through the effort of covering everything, instead of just the places a local would go.  More thorough than my site here, and I know that I will not get to all of the places reviewed in this book, so I recommend it if you are on your way to Tucson.  $11.96  Click here to buy this book now!


bookcover2.asp (14981 bytes)And Die in the West: The Story of the OK Corral Gunfight  A very good, factual, and absorbing book on arguably the most famous shootout in early American History.  Most of the bias for the Earp brothers has been thrown out, and the author looks at what happened, what led up to what happened, and why.  If you only ever read one book about the "Shootout at the OK Corral" make sure this is the one.  $14.36 Click Here to Order This Book Now!


bookCover.asp (12899 bytes)Absolutely Every Bed and Breakfast in Arizona (Almost) I have to admit that in my opinion, staying at a Bed and Breakfast beats the pants off of staying at a hotel anytime.   Sometimes you need that $24.95/night room, but for the times you don't, this is the book to turn to for help.  Gives current info on rates, amenities, restrictions (like pets or children), and more on far more bed and breakfasts than I will be able to review for you.  $14.95  Click Here to Order This Book Now!


0028616383_m.gif (11798 bytes)Frommer's Arizona '98  I am not a golfer, and have not included a lot of golf info on these pages.  Arizona has famously great golf, and this is the book you need to find out about it until I can get to it (any volunteers to help me on this?).   The book also has tips on restaurants, dining, and maps.  Best of all it is a new release, and is the most current good book on Arizona that I know of.  $16.95  Click Here to Order This Book Now!


50 Years of the Desert Boneyard: Davis Monthan Air Force Base Just south of Tucson there is an air force base that has been used for over 50 years as a parking lot/mothball storage/junkyard for the military.  Rows upon rows of planes of every description sit in the desert including heavy bombers, fighters, recognizance craft, everything.  Visible from I-10, it is just over a fence from the Pima Air Museum, and even people who are not very interested in planes are fascinated by the place.  But you can't get in without going through some complicated military hoops.  This book tells the story of the place, and although it gets mixed reviews, I thought it was pretty good.  A must if you have ever driven by and wondered about the place, or if you have interest in military aircraft. $19.96  Click Here to Order This Book Now!


0899332021_m.gif (16335 bytes)Arizona Atlas and Gazetteer A great atlas for the state of Arizona, includes topographical maps, some maps to the major towns, other information like distances between points, etc.  A must for road tripping around the state, but not quite what you need for navigating through town.  Kind of big, but all atlases are, I guess.  This atlas is current, and that is important in Arizona! $13.56  Click Here to Order this Atlas Now!



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